HISTORY: As parents of the Sandy Hook elementary school were notified of gunfire at the school, Walnut Hill Senior Pastor Clive Calver jumped in a car with another pastor and his wife on a mission to find their son as soon as possible.  While news quickly came that the young boy was alright, an unsettled feeling began to spread throughout the community.  Walnut Hill pastors drove to the Sandy Hook firehouse in two shifts and joined with other clergy to pray and comfort those waiting. 

As information was released and it became clear that twenty children, six adults, and a mother were all victims of a disturbed gunman; churches, organizations, schools, companies and individuals from around the world began to contact Walnut Hill to offer prayer and whatever support they could.  It was in these moments that a fellowship was born.  

Nobody survives tragedy alone.
— Brady Boyd, author of "Fear no Evil." (Colorado)

MISSION: The Walnut Hill Fellowship exists to unite the Church to stand in the midst of tragedy.

VISION: The Church is called as God's instrument of reconciliation and healing to a hurting and broken world.  We dream of seeing His Church renewed, our friends and neighbors revived and our city and region awakened by the love and power of God.  We dream of seeing Sandy Hook and communities alike restored and made new.

STRATEGY: The Walnut Hill Fellowship:

  • Works to mobilize prayer and support to aid in the healing of the Sandy Hook / Newtown community.
  • Provides resources to better equip the local church to minister in its community.
  • Gathers pastors and leaders to pray, encourage and support one another along the journey.
  • Organizes events to unite and strengthen the church for her great calling.

What does it mean to be part of a fellowship?  
A fellowship refers to a "company of friends" who unite to pursue a shared vision.  By registering your support, you signify your desire to stand with us as we seek to bring healing and restoration to our region.

In return, we commit to providing you with prayer requests, resources and opportunities to stand and grow together.